chartiers valley district flood control authority
FEBRUARY 16, 2018
Current Stages
Action Stage 14ft  ~  Flood Stage 20ft
Moderate Flood Stage 21ft  ~  Major Flood Stage 23ft
Date/Time Gage Height, Ft Discharge ft3/s
2-16-18   09:00 EDT 11.74 11,200
2-16-18   12:00 EDT 11.18 10,700
2-16-18   13:30 EDT 10.64 10,200

Prior to Improvements Gage Height, Ft of 11.18
would have been 20.83 resulting in a Major Flood Event


Pre-Improvement Flood Categories PRIOR to 1960
Major Flood Stage 12 ft  ~  Moderate Flood Stage 10 ft
Flood Stage 9 ft  ~  Action Stage 6.3 ft

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Gage height, feet
Discharge, cubic feet per second



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The James G. Fulton Flood Protection Project on Chartiers Creek was constructed under the authority of Section 204 of the Flood Control Act of 1965 (Public Law 89-298 of the 89th Congress, S.2300). The project is located on Chartiers Creek in the City of Pittsburgh, the Boroughs of Bridgeville, Carnegie, Crafton, Heidelberg, Rosslyn Farms and Thornburg, and the Townships of Collier, Robinson, Scott and South Fayette in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Chartiers Creek flows into the Ohio River at McKees Rocks, PA, approximately 2.6 miles downstream from the source of the river at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The project provides flood protection by means of a widened, deepened, and in some areas realigned channel and a major cutoff channel. The project also included miscellaneous adjustments and improvements to drainage lines, relocation and protection of sewer lines, utility alterations and replacements, and bridge construction.

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